Tax Checklist

Tax Return Checklist




  •  Payment Summaries
  •  Lump Sum and Termination Payment Summaries
  •  Government payment statements (e.g. Government Grants and Parental leave)
  •  Interest income (Banks, Building societies and Credit unions)
  •  Dividend income (Dividend statements)
  •  Managed Funds (Annual Tax Statements)

Other income:

  •  Rental Property Income and Expenses (Agent Summaries and out of pocket costs)
  •  Business (Private income and business related expenses)
  •  Foreign income
  •  Capital gains (E.g. Sale of Shares and Property)
  •  Employee share schemes
  •  Income protection insurance income


  •  Medical Boards and College Fees
  •  Professional Indemnity
  •  Subscriptions and Books/Journals

 Self-education expensesHome office

  •  Telephone and Internet
  •  Computer software and Apps
  •  Conferences and Professional Development including Exams ( Registration, Flights, Accommodation, Meals, Cabs/Uber, Train/Tram/Bus)
  •  Donations
  •  Income protection insurance
  •  Printing, Postage and Stationery
  •  New Equipment items (e.g. Tablet, Phone, Laptop)
  •  Motor Vehicle either (Deductible Km’s) or (Logbook and Actual car expenses)
  •  Parking and Tolls
  •  Protective clothing and laundry (Compulsory uniform/Protective Clothing)

For the above deductions, please speak to your consultant regarding private use and apportionment


  •  Annual Private Health Insurance Statement