Offset Home Loan Repayments

Find out how much your loan will cost you and the monthly repayments

Extra Repayments

Find out how much you can save on time and total interest payable by making additional contributions on and above your monthly repayments for your home loan.

Lump Sum Repayments

Find out how much additional lump sum repayments will save you in interest paid and time.

How Long to Repay?

Work out how long to repay your home loan based on your repayments and interest rates

P&I / Interest Only

Compare the loan repayments between a principal and interest loan or an interest only loan.

Split Loan

Find out the repayments and total interest under fixed and variable rates

Complete Loan Comparison

Find out the total amounts payable under two alternative loans and then provides the comparative amount.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Provides an estimate of the maximum you can borrow, taking into account your monthly income and existing financial commitments.





Income Tax

Work out your income tax liability according to the ATO's personal income tax scales.


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